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...BetterJPEG avoids re-compression loss by design when carrying out any of the edit features on JPEG images. This is accomplished by the fact that JPEG images have a number of small independent blocks of data and whichever block has not been changed need not be compressed again. Original sampling and quality are retained that way.

A host of features are supported in the application which due to the latest algorithms are able to manage least amount of losses due to compression carried out. Digital images produced by cameras and processed through this application thus can produce very optimal results. Batch processing supported by the software makes the whole process quite quick...

...Red eye removal too works such that no pixels outside the eye area get affected. Photos can be copy pasted to an external editor and brought back after processing. The interface is simple, easy to use even for amateurs...
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Many moons ago, I complained that there isn't enough software out there taking full advantage of the ability to edit JPEG files without recompression artifacts. Tonight, while looking for a quick lossless crop tool, I found BetterJPEG (full demo online, $25 registration) that not only has an *excellent* lossless crop and transform tool, but can also "losslessly" (to the unaffected areas) remove red eye and add text to an existing JPEG.

There's a stand-alone version, and also a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to "re-save" a JPEG with only the deltas recompressed (great for hot pixel removal, cloning out distractions, etc.).

Very cool stuff.

Richard Tallent, USA

We researched a few dozen JPEG editing tools. BetterJPEG started up the fastest and for that we knew it was what we wanted. Why? Because we edit/crop over 200 photos each day -- so any delays result in lost time! Thank you for an excellent product!

Daniel Esbensen, Touch Technologies, Inc. USA.
(over 100 licenses)

I am a Test & Evaluation engineer with the Boeing Co. I have searched far and wide, looking for some method of viewing / inserting the EXIF timestamp information into a digital photo. The nature of my work requires me to take large numbers of photos at high speeds and the general 1 second timestamp is just not fast enough. Just wanted to say thanks for working with us on this project and adding the ability to read and display the sub-seconds from a digital photograph.

Brandon Smith
Systems & Environmental Test Lab Engineering Co-op
The Boeing Company - St. Louis, USA

Excellent support and the fact that this niche tool is a great idea were the 2 main factors for me buying two copies - one for me and one for my father for his birthday.

Ben Coffison, Australia

BetterJPEG is good at what it does. I use it as the initial program I use having taken the pictures off my camera. I crop to 4x6 and use red eye reduction before saving copies to the same folder as the originals. I only fire up PSP9 if they need to be messed around with prior to sending to Shutterfly for printing, due to the JPEG degradation.

Peter Elliot, USA

I use your product Better Jpeg with great enthusiasm to crop hundreds of scans where I have scanned a little more than the original image.

Henri de Feraudy, France

Thanks for a wonderful little program - it is ideal for digital photos taken for wildfire research, where a date and time, and some other custom text, can be really important to the scientific value of the digital image.

Greg McCarthy
Fire Research
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre
University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia

I have just prepared about 500 photos for making a DVD slideshow. I have removed red-eye, cropped and rotated quickly and with little or no change in file size. It's a great programme.

Brian Dowling, UK

This program is exactly what I was after. Being able to stamp EXIF data on multiple pictures so I can view the pictures and data during a slide show will quickly increase my understanding of digital photography. I look at several, 7 to be exact, other jpeg batch programs and all had one or two features I needed, but only Better JPEG pulled them all together. It fits so perfectly with the features I needed it seems that you wrote it for me.

Bryan Hatcher, USA

Recently, we purchased Better JPEG, Version 1.6 software for inserting Date-Time, Exif information and Comments into photos. You can download a trial version for 30 days, or just make a purchase ($25, stand-alone, or Photo Shop plug-in) I got the stand-alone version.

The Better JPEG software is a very versatile additional tool for digital photo enthusiasts. It has several highly useful features. You can select EXIF information from pull down menus to include on your photos, and include a Date or TIme stamp directly in photos, in your preferred font, size, color, and style. You can either choose to save over the original file, or create a copy as another file name.

Anther nice features of the software include a very versatile Red-Eye removal tool, that has several adjustments, before applying corrections, which are reversible.

The cropping tool allows a user to crop images in all standard aspect ratios, freehand, or custom, user defined ratios from a pull down menu.

A resize tool enables the user to change the print and file size of images.

A handy zoom tool for on-screen viewing, allows users to view images at scaled sizes between 3 and 5000 percent.

Better JPEG is a very handy tool for your photo tool bag.

Check it out on there website, and give it a test drive.

Glenn Combs, USA

Just thought I'd give you a note about your Better JPEG program. After trying it out for about an hour, it was a fairly easy decision to purchase it at your $24.95.

What I needed: a way to crop my photos quickly to 4x6 proportions for printing and a way to quickly and easily add descriptive text onto the bottom.

Bonuses you gave me: Lossless transformation, which I wasn't looking for, but I quickly realized was extremely important. Undo and redo feature - another necessity. And a very nice implementation of red-eye reduction, again as lossless as possible. The partial JPEG modification is a great feature! I absolutely love your 1-letter shortcuts!!

I see your development work is still underway, and I like the direction you are going. Batch processing is in your current Beta and it is apparent that you are listening to your users' needs. You offer free life-time upgrades which I truly believe is the way to do it. Not too many software programs offer that.

I have been using Paint Shop Pro 7, but find it too complicated for the simple tasks. I have been using Paint Shop Photo Album 5 for organization and quick edits, and it does most things simply, but takes too long to load and chokes when there is a movie in the picture directory. Then, any editing I do, even rotation, seems to visibly degrade the picture with these products. And worst of all, PSP 7 does not preserve the metadata.

Louis Kessler, Canada

I downloaded the stand alone "BetterJpeg" program and it is great.

Just the ability to perform a losses red eye removal is worth the 25.00, your other features are just a added bonus. I will recommend your software as a MUST HAVE camera tool.

In addition to the Jpeg generation loss problem most software is just overkill complexity for simple photo corrections. Often using Photoshop to perform a simple Crop or Red Eye correction is like using a sledge hammer to drive a tack.

Darrell Barkelew, USA

You have a wonderful program and your service is unbeatable.

Robert Van De Vyvere, USA

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