Better JPEG

Retouch JPEG images without overall recompression

Sometimes you need to edit an area of a JPEG photo without introducing recompression losses to the rest of the image. For instance, you might wish to remove a date stamp, text inscription, birthmark or background object. Alternatively, you might wish to add something to the picture or retouch it some other way.

How can Better JPEG help you to avoid the image degradation caused by recompressing the whole image after editing it?

As you will know by now, Better JPEG does not recompress parts of JPEG images that have not changed. This means that you can copy any part of the image from Better JPEG into your favorite image editor, be it Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, or any other, change it there and then copy it back to Better JPEG. It will automatically compare the final image with the original one and recompress only the changed blocks.

No matter how big the fragment, as you copy it back and forth, Better JPEG will only recompress blocks containing changed pixels. In fact, it is safe to copy the whole image, even if you only want to change few pixels.

Original Image Retouched Image

Original Image,
date-stamped by camera.

Date stamp removed in external editor*
and resaved with Better JPEG -
No degradation in image quality

Adobe Photoshop with AKVIS Retoucher plugin was used to remove the date stamp.