Better JPEG

Red eye removal

Red eye effect

Original photo (crop) showing Red eye effect

Red eye effect removed in Better JPEG

Red eye effect removed using Better JPEG

Difference between the original and corrected image

Difference between the original and
corrected image

Better JPEG is powered by an advanced algorithm of lossless red eye removal. It does not simply desaturate or replace the pupil colors. Instead, it uses a sophisticated technique to remove the red tint without affecting other color channels. This gives the eyes a more natural appearance. It also performs antialiasing so that the corrected pupil image has a smooth edge. Algorithm sensitivity and pupil darkening can be fine tuned for a perfect result.

Unlike most other tools, Better JPEG does not recompress parts of the JPEG images outside the edited red-eye area. This means that there is no overall degradation of image quality.

Red eye removal - Sample Close-up:

Red eye


Red eye removed