Better JPEG

Trial mode and Registration

After the plug-in is installed, you have 30 days trial period to try it for free. During the trial period the plug-in is fully functional without any restrictions.

Running in trial mode

Each time you select the Adobe Photoshop main menu item "File->Import->JPEG Lossless Import...", a notification window appears:

  • Purchase - opens BetterJPEG purchase page in default Internet browser. Here you can order your Registration Key online.
  • Enter Key - click this button when you receive your Registration Key.
  • Continue - makes the plug-in run in trial mode during the trial period. This button becomes disabled after the trial period is over.
  • Cancel - exits the plug-in.

No additional notification appears when launching the "File->Import->JPEG Lossless Export..." Adobe Photoshop main menu item, this module just stops functioning when the trial period is over.

Registering the plug-in

Please allow up to 24 hours for processing your order.

When you receive your Registration Key via E-mail, select the Adobe Photoshop main menu "File->Import->JPEG Lossless Import..." item to register the plug-in, even if your trial period is over.

Click "Enter Key" button (see picture above) and enter your Registration Name and the Registration Key received via E-mail:

Click "OK" button and re-launch the plug-in.