Better JPEG

Panning and zooming


If the image does not fit into the View area in one or both dimensions, it can be panned by dragging or scrolling to see different areas of the image. To enter the drag mode, click Drag icon Drag on the main toolbar or select the Edit->Drag item in the main menu. This command is also accessible from right-click context menu (in some modes) and via D shortcut. You can temporarily switch to the drag mode from other modes by pressing and holding the space bar.

When in drag mode you can drag the image around by holding the left mouse button down and moving the mouse.

You can scroll the image using scrollbars and arrow keys.


Use the following zoom commands by clicking the corresponding icons on the main toolbar or selecting them in the View menu or in the context (right-click) menu to change the scale at which the image is displayed:

Command Hot Key Action
Zoom In Zoom In + Enlarge the image one step
Zoom Out Zoom Out - Reduce the image one step
Zoom In/Out Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Wheel Zoom In/Out
Zoom to Actual Size Zoom to Actual Size / Show the image at its actual size
Zoom to Fit Zoom to Fit * Enlarge or reduce the image so that it fits the View area
Zoom In To Desired Area Z + Mouse Zoom In to area selected by mouse

To quickly zoom to one of the predefined zoom values, use the Zoom combo Zoom combo on the main toolbar.